About the Author

Author: John Ellis


With years of experience in semiconductors, national security, and weapons development, John’s background has provided him with the knowledge and experience in technology and geopolitics to write Dormant Curse.


Born in Kansas and raised in Nebraska, John moved to Texas to attend graduate school at The University of Texas in Austin. After graduating from UT with a Master’s in Engineering, John worked at Sandia National Labs, where he focused on R&D projects for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, National Institute of Standards, and other agencies.


His experience includes nuclear weapons testing, cruise-missile guidance (Tomahawk and Advanced Cruise Missile), air-borne and space-borne imaging systems (Predator UAV), and semiconductor manufacturing.


John’s career later took him to SEMI, a global trade association for the semiconductor industry, where as VP of Technology was responsible for global semiconductor manufacturing standards.


John lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Jennifer, has 4 children, and two dogs.

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